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Civil Law Litigation

At SOSAvocats, we will be right by your side for all your civil litigation and contractual negotiations. Our wide experience in civil litigation allows you to be well represented for all your civil law needs. Our team will rightfully set things in motion to represent your interests effectively whether it is in front of the Régie du logement, an insurance claim, a medical negligence case, we will defend your rights cost-effectively.

Our legal services include:

  • General litigation
  • Insurance rights litigation
  • Legal recourse for damage to reputation
  • Formal notices
  • Construction and real estate litigation
  • Rental Board
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Labor & Employment Law

Complete Preparation
for Small Claims Court

Order Now for $949

Preparation Hearing
at Régie du Logement

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Formal Notice
Demand Letter

Includes a private meeting

Starting at $349