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Welcome to SOSAvocats website. The material published on the site can only be used as informative and they do NOT constitute any form of legal advice.
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*Our lawyers giving legal advice during a 30 minute telephone consultation are not aware of all the pertinent facts related to your specific issue or file. No lawyer-client relationship or privilege is established during the use of the site or if you are initially communicating with a lawyer by email or by initially calling to our firm without a prior signed mandate.

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Conditions for the purchase of a Package offered online: each package can be subject to special or particular conditions which have to be defined when defining the mandate in the fee agreement. SOSAvocats reserves the right to accept or refuse a mandate after the purchase of a Package. In that case, SOSAvocats will issue a full refund.

In the event you forfeit your package for any reason after its purchase, it is understood and agreed that SOS-Avocats will invoice you for any time or its actions in your file, from the start, at a hourly rate of three hundred dollars ($300.00), plus any associated fees in your file. As well, a standard file administration fee of $75.00 will be billed for initially opening your file. Any due balance will be paid by cheque within thirty (30) days following the early termination of your Package. (have this on all packages as well)

SOSAvocats can communicate directly with you, or any other person or entity, in order to, among other reasons, transmit documents by different electronic communication means, including, but not limited to, email or via public Internet access. You can also communicate with SOSAvocats or transmit documents electronically, as well. These electronic communications can contain confidential data or privileged information, so you can ask to have these documents sent by standard mail or courier instead.

Taxes are not included in the listed packages.

Please be aware that any electronic communication can be intercepted or scrambled by third parties, or that they can potentially, and inadvertently, contain a computer virus.